Who we are

My name is Julie Leurquin and I am the person behind this work.

I have a small workshop that I set up myself with the help of my father in which the magic of this project is born.

I am passionate about capturing the beauty of the sea and the Canarian beaches in small decorative objects. I take pride in creating unique and inspiring pieces that reflect the serenity and energy of the ocean. Based in the beautiful Canary Islands, my creations are a tribute to the rich maritime culture and abundant nature that surrounds me.

In my workshop, each piece is handcrafted with dedication and artisanal skill. I use a combination of carefully selected materials to bring my designs to life. Wood, with its natural warmth and texture, provides the solid foundation on which I build my artwork. Glass and epoxy resin add a touch of sparkle and transparency, capturing the light and creating fascinating effects.

But what makes my decorative objects really special are the natural materials I incorporate. I carefully collect sand from the beaches of the Canary Islands, rich in golden tones and volcanic blacks, and integrate it into my creations to convey the authenticity and magic of the coast. In addition, I use moss and other natural elements to add a sense of life and freshness to my designs.

I strive to offer high quality products that reflect my passion for the sea and the Canarian beaches. Each decorative object I create is unique, with meticulous details and finishes that reflect my commitment to artisanal excellence. Valuing originality and creativity, I constantly seek new ways to convey the essence of the ocean through my creations.

I believe in the importance of preserving our natural environment and, as such, I am committed to using sustainable materials in my productions. I work closely with local suppliers to ensure that my raw materials are environmentally friendly and ethically sourced.

I take pride in beautifying my customers' homes with my unique decorative objects. Whether you want to bring a piece of the sea into your living room, add a coastal touch to your office or give a special keepsake to a loved one, you'll find the perfect addition at Kai Creations.


Join me on my journey to capture the essence of the Canarian sea and beaches in every decorative object. Let me bring the spirit of the ocean into your home and create an enchanting and relaxing atmosphere that transports you to the beautiful shores of the Canary Islands or anywhere you wish to be.